Fast ForWord Family of Products

Fast ForWord has a family of products based on their strong belief in the importance of brain plasticity and the importance of auditory temporal processing. If you would like to read the ground breaking history of the four research scientists who formed this company go to Our Founders Story.

The products that I recommend are listed below. Go to those links and you will be able to see an overview of each program, information about “How it works,” a review of the reports that will be available and a demonstration of the games and important Q & A.

For most elementary aged children:
Fast ForWord Language v2
Fast ForWord Language to Reading v2

For most secondary aged children:
Fast ForWord Literacy
Fast ForWord Literacy Advanced

Scientific Learning’s Reading Assistant
Scientific Learning’s Reading Assistant is an advanced speech recognition program which strengthens students reading fluency, pronunciation, vocabulary and comprehension.

This program provides the much needed reading practice that benefits all students. Readers are helped with creative resources, preview of materials, immediate feedback and private playback. The software maintains careful performance records and a corresponding audio recording of each reading session for review by student and teacher.

Reading content is available in two collections:
Reading Assistant Curriculum Levels 1-5
Reading Assistant Curriculum Levels 1-5 contains a collection of nonfiction, fiction, and poetry selections for reading levels 1-5. It also includes historical fiction & non-fiction chapter books.

Reading Assistant Curriculum Levels 5-11
Reading Assistant Curriculum Levels 5-11 was designed specifically to improve content-area reading and learning among upper elementary, adolescent, and adult students. It includes authentic nonfiction selections chosen to address core topics in the National Science and Social Studies frameworks. The passages have been selected to range in difficulty from fifth through eleventh grade reading levels.