Two of Dana’s case studies were nationally published by Interactive Metronome, through Advance for Speech Language Pathologists. Read about the effectiveness of her Early Intervention Program by clicking on one of the links below. In a magazine called Plexus, Dana also published “Autism, the Mirror Neuron System, and Autism,” after presenting to a group of medical court reporters.

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Three Case Studies published by Interactive Metronome:

I Really Get It Megan's Case
Early Intervention Program Interactive Metronome
A Look Into An SLPs Toolbox

Articles in magazines:

A Look Into An SLPs Toolbox
Imitation, the Mirror Neuron
System, and Autism

Dana Merritt has received multiple distinguished national service awards from Scientific Learning. In February, 2008, Dana was presented with The Innovative Therapist Award by the nominating committee for the manner and speed in which her patients progressed through the Fast ForWord programs. Dana received that award from Dr. Paula Tallal and Dr. Martha Burns at the National Visionary 2008 Conference.

In March, 2009, Dana was nominated and won The 4th Pat Wilson Award. This award was given each year to the private provider who continues in the tradition of excellence in professional outreach and education, leadership skills, innovation, and quality implementation that Dr. Pat Wilson was well known for. Nominations were submitted by parents of students who had completed the Fast ForWord program. Some of those letters of recommendations can be seen in the Testimonials. This award was given to Dana by Dr. Paula Tallal.

In March, 2010, Dana was presented with The Top Provider Award by Dr. Paula Tallal and Dr. Bill Jenkins. This award was presented to the private provider who had the largest number of individual Fast ForWord participants in a single year.
In March, 2016, Dana was Recognized as One of Scientific Learning’s Longest Service Providers. Scientific Learning Corporation was founded in 1996 by Dr. Michael Merzenich, Dr. Paula Tallal, Dr. William Jenkins, and Dr. Steven Miller. The Visionary Conference that year was dedicated to the 20-year anniversary of offering Fast ForWord programs to students across North American and to more than 40 countries worldwide. Dana was trained by Dr. Paula Tallal and became a Fast ForWord Provider in March of 1997.

In the Fourth Quarter of 2017, Dana was The Fast ForWord Spotlight Provider. She was invited to introduce herself and her approach to the remediation of speech, language and learning disorders to all Fast ForWord Providers across the world on their platform. It was there that she stated, “I am the creative clinician I am today as a direct result of my learning experiences from Scientific Learning’s Annual Conferences.”

In October, 2019, Dana was again presented with The Fast ForWord Provider of the Year. This award was presented to the private provider who had the most individuals who successfully completed the Fast ForWord in a single year. Scientific Learning’s annual conference was now being referred to as Brain Changers Conference. She had just presented on “Learn 3 Procedures to Help Dyslexics Integrate Audio-Visual Innervations Using Foundations I.”

In January, 2021, during the Covid induced virtual learning annual JASPA Conference, Jacksonville Area Speech Pathology Association awarded Dana a Personal Achievement Award for 2020 for publishing a forty-minute documentary about two individuals who had remediated their learning disorders through the power of positive neuroplasticity using Dana’s unique approach to remediation. The documentary can be seen here: The Merritt Way: A Documentary

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