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Do you understand the importance of phonics in academics? Dana Merritt does and she has developed A Time for Phonics. This program sequentially teaches the phonetics needed for academic success. By utilizing A Time for Phonics Photo Flashcards, your student will improve in reading, writing and spelling in a short period of time. This program will be enjoyed by children in elementary school as well as young adults struggling with dyslexia. If English is your second language, this program will help you understand how to read, write and spell.

1000 Words Phonetically Decoded A-Z.
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A Time For Phonics Book

A Time for Phonics: Level One is sold out. The second edition of A Time for Phonics: Level One has been published by Christian Faith Publishing as of May 2018. The book can be purchased HERE.

Click on the flag below to hear the Promo made for the second edition in either English, French, or Spanish. There is now an electronic version of the book. The book is not intended to teach English as a second language, but it is beneficial for parents who have English as their second language and they want to help their children become proficient in reading, writing, and spelling the English way.

A Time For Phonics Step 1

Step 1
Write the letter in the sand as you sit directly across from the student. The student should trace the letter with proper motor patterning.

A Time For Phonics Step 2

Step 2
Have the student name the card. Instructor writes the word in sand. Student traces the word.

A Time For Phonics Step 3

Step 3
Have the student read the card aloud. Instruct the student to either name the first letter or point to the first letter.

A Time For Phonics Step 4

You, as the instructor, are to reshuffle all the sets as you progress to the next, more difficult step of phonemic decoding.

A Time For Phonics Step 5

Step 4
The student has previously practiced reading and writing these words. Here, the student is to sound out the word while the picture is being blocked from view.

A Time For Phonics Step 6

Step 5
The student reads the word aloud. The instructor draws two lines on the whiteboard in one color. Use a different color to write the word. The student should use the same color marker to copy the word correctly.

A Time For Phonics Step 7

Step 6
The student reads and copies the word on the board.

A Time For Phonics Step 8

Step 7
The student has practiced the words before and can now write the words without looking at the print.

A Time For Phonics Step 9

Step 8
The instructor should write a Naked Vowel word and a contrast word for the student to syllabize and mark the long vowel.

A Time For Phonics Step 10

Step 9
The instructor should write two words on the whiteboard and the student should mark the word that does not follow phonics by “putting that word in jail.”

A Time For Phonics Step 11

Step 10
The student should copy the word using paper and pencil.

A Time For Phonics Step 12

The instructor and student both enjoy the fruits of their hard work!