A Time for Phonics has phonetically decoded the 1,000 Most Frequently Used Words in the English language. These words are from The Reading Teacher’s Book of Lists, Fourth Edition © 2000 by Prentice Hall. The authors of that list are Fry, Kress, and Fountoukidis. They say that the first 25 of these words are found in 1/3 of all printed material. They also say that the first 100 words are used in about 1/2 of the all written material. Finally they say that the first 300 words are used in about 65% of all written material.

A Time for Phonics, Level One, Steps 1 through 10 is so powerful that it has been used to phonetically decode a majority or 89% of these 300 words. To prove the full-power of my system, I am posting the Key to decoding every one of these 1,000 words. The first part of the publication will have the 1,000 words placed in alphabetical order. So if you want to know how to decode the word “two” you would find it on the 1000 words A-Z, as #71. Then go to the 1000 Most Frequently Words Phonetically Decoded by A Time for Phonics list and find Words 51-75. Go down until you see the word “two” and you will see it belongs in Step 9. Now if you want to try another: Enjoy #833! Through A Time for Phonics you and your students will enjoy learning and the power of positive neuroplasticity. You can buy A Time for Phonics, Level One Second Edition HERE.

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