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A Time For Phonics Book

A Time For Phonics Book


Teaching your student the first ten steps of phonics to improve reading, writing, and spelling skills.


Welcome To A Time For Phonics

Do you understand the importance of phonics in academics? Dana Merritt does and she has developed A Time for Phonics. This program sequentially teaches the phonetics needed for academic success. By utilizing A Time for Phonics Photo Flashcards, your student will improve in reading, writing and spelling in a short period of time. This program will be enjoyed by children in elementary school as well as young adults struggling with dyslexia. If English is your second language, this program will help you understand how to read, write and spell.

A Time For Phonics – Level One book instructs a person how to teach the first 10 Steps of phonemic decoding skills while maximizing the “eye gate,” “ear gate,” and “motor gate.” It also helps with specific dialogue that the instructor can use if a child is struggling on the concepts.

It is easier to explain a concept to a child, if you, as the instructor, understand the concept yourself. Some children will want and need to move through this program at a slower pace. Some children will beg to move through the program faster, because they are enjoying learning these rules and applying them to novel words. You have been the person who dramatically changed an individual’s life by learning these steps of phonics and then teaching him/her to recognize the distinct similarities and differences of letters and words. It is exciting. It is fun. It is life changing. It just took a little time and energy.

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