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Math Made Fun Playing Cards

Math Made Fun Playing Cards


The Merritt Way Playing Cards are a unique set of 56 cards that enhances computational skills and improves working memory.


The Merritt Way Playing Cards are unique. The set contains 56 cards, and they reinforce the concept of pairs and base ten. The J, Q, K and A are all spelled out along with hearts, spades, diamonds, and clubs. The set of cards include the ‘1’ cards. Pairs are circled in yellow, which reinforces the concepts of odds and evens. The ‘9’ will not be curvy- but it will be a ‘straight stick nine’ the way you probably write it. The images are to be viewed only an upright position. With The Merritt Way apple trees on the back of the cards, a parent will be able to glance at how the child is holding the cards and make sure the green side of the trees is upright and the roots of the trees are going down. These are custom made strong, durable 2.5 X 3.5 inch playing cards. This is a great way to improve math, working memory, and socialization skills.


  • 56 playing cards because of the “1’s”
  • No confusion between 6 and 9 numerals
  • Designed to support the base 10 concept
  • Reinforces even and odd perception
  • 11 Bonus cards with for subitizing practice
  • J, Q, K, and A are all written out at the bottom
  • , , , are clearly named on face cards
  • Enhances computational skills
  • Improves working memory
  • Great socializing tool
  • Excellent eye-hand coordination activity
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