A Time For Phonics Photo Flashcards

When two consonants are side by side and they each say their own sound, they blend together. The words and corresponding photographs will have blends in the initial position and final position of words. This selection of words is NOT based on the Dolch Sight Word list. The goal of this program is to learn the rules of phonics, increase vocabulary, enjoy reading, and learn how to write the right way. The Dolch Sight Words (established in 1948) have a lot of words that do not follow the basic rules of phonics. This selection of words is also NOT based on Word Family Lists. Word Family Lists encourage a child to read from the back of the word to the front of the word. A Time for Phonics is designed to encourage a child to read from “top – down” and “left to right.” The child should be increasingly successful on sounding out the words on Step 2 and enjoy the novelty of Step 3 flashcards.