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Recovering from Grief

Don’t Take My Grief Away: What to Do When You Lose a Loved One Paperback – September 5, 1984
By: Doug Manning

Gently, with warm, consoling, and practical guidance, Doug Manning addresses the painful, often disorientation aftermath of the death of a loved one, helping the bereaved cope with the emotions and confront the decisions that are an inevitable part of this time of radical life adjustment. Beginning with the premise that “grief is not an enemy; it is a friend. It is the natural process of walking through the hurt and growing through the walk,” Manning helps readers face up to grief, move through it, and learn to live again.

Your Journey From Mourning to Joy Paperback – 2006
By: Griefshare (Grief Recovery Support Groups)

This book is Christian oriented with strong biblical support. It continues to be a very strong and highly worthy grief support message. Grief does come to each one of us in so many phases of our lives, and these messages give pathways of hope and strength, leading to an advanced journey with a lighter step and a means to walk with one another. This book is a support for all who are in grief and for those who walk with them.